"David has been teaching my daughter Ava since spring and I am amazed at her progress. She started as a complete beginner and has learned several songs; she loves her lessons and thoroughly enjoys working with David. She told me he tailors the instruction to her and his easy-going manner has alleviated her performance anxiety. He even helped her pick out a guitar which she saved up to buy."
Highly recommend!!!
Heidi A.

Greetings. I’m David Rossiter, owner and chief instructor at The Songs In You. Let me tell you a little about the beginning and intermediate guitar course of lessons.


All lessons are designed and paced according to each student’s age (and I take students of all ages), skill level, and time commitment. 


Over the course of learning, we’ll cover: 


• The care and feeding of your instrument

• Chords (Open and Barre)

• Chord Progressions

• Strumming Patterns

• Hybrid picking technique

• Key selection (to suit your vocal range)

• Quick tips for learning new songs

• How to develop your own style


Right now all lessons are conducted online. You can sign up for one lesson at a time or a monthly package. 


My goal as a teacher is to support you in becoming the very best guitar player you can be at the speed that suits you best. 


Shoot me an email to learn more.


And don’t forget, your first lesson is free. 


I look forward to working with you.



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