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How often do you think about picking up that guitar you have laying around and finally doing something with it? Something creative and inspiring. A way to express yourself that you can share with others.


Or maybe you've been playing for a while but you've hit a plateau and want to make a leap forward. 

I can help you make it happen. My approach is individualized to your interests and skill level. We decide where you want to go and I help you get there as fast as possible. 


A typical approach for beginners might include: 


• The care and feeding of your instrument

• Chords (Open and Barre)

• Chord Progressions

• Strumming Patterns

• Hybrid picking techniques

• Key selection (to suit your vocal range)

• Quick tips for learning new songs

• How to develop your own style

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Let's Talk.

Thanks. I'll get back to you soon.

Shoot me an email and let's talk about how we can make some dreams come true. 
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Check out a couple of tracks from my band Hoodang's 2013 recording, Blissfield.

Falling Away
Don't Follow Me Down

Songwriting Tips and Tricks | Series I

A series of quick videos digging into the secret nooks and crannies of the songwriting craft.

Changing Up A Song | 12.3.2020

Here's a quick demo on how you can take a finished song and change it up or adapt it to vary the style or ensemble type. It's also an intriguing way to make an older song fresh again for performance by bringing a new vibe or energy to it. Sometimes the worst thing about having a strong tune is having to play it over and over again. Altering tempo and/or time signature can help you and your audience experience an old fave in a completely new light. Try it out on one of yours.

My Approach to All You Need Is Love | 12.8.2020

Remembering John Lennon on the 40th anniversary of his death. This video breaks down my approach to his timeless song All You Need Is Love. Get out your guitars and give John some love.