"With excellent musicianship, thoughtful songwriting, and a natural aptitude for Americana, the quartet does justice to the genre. In a town where folk is a lot bigger than country, and at a time when the label 'country' itself refers primarily to an inauthentic corporate product, Hoodang's thoughtful, accomplished Americana is truly valuable. We're fortunate to have them this side of the Mason-Dixon Line." - Patrick Dunn, The Ann Arbor Observer   > Read the full article
"Blissfield” is a sonic “Last Picture Show,” an aural Walker Evans photograph. It’s a remarkable record and it re-establishes Hoodang as the standard bearer for dignified Americana music in southeast Michigan." - Will Stewart
"One of the most skilled and smartest songwriters around these days. His lyrics really talk to me. His music is authentic. I have received lots of inspiration from it."  
                                                                                         - Christoph Mueller, Illustrator
"They're making some of the toughest, smartest country music anywhere in the Midwest."                                                                                                                      www.TheArk.org
"Sonically restless and critically lauded, this Ann Arbor-based alt. country outfilt has been tapping into that gleaming vein of auditory gold that travels back into the early part of the last century." - Current Magazine
"Rossiter is a storyteller first and foremost. If you like the parade of ornery hard-luck characters who have wound their way through Steve Earle's albums, or the tough, edgy romantic characterizations of the grassroots Ontario iconoclast Fred Eaglesmith, be aware that there's a local figure who can play in their league. And he's got a dry leather strap of a voice to go with his songs."  

                                             -  James M. Manheim, The Ann Arbor Observer​  > Read the full article

"Sometimes all a country song needs is a plucky mandolin and a melancholy banjo, and this Ann Arbor trio makes the most of its simple, catchy ramblers. Frontman David Rossiter has a tinder-dry voice tailor-made for pensive road maxims; gleaming steel only adds to his authority."  - Download.com​
"Fine Morning is one of those so-good-they're-scary tunes that force you to hit the repeat button just to make sure that you really heard what you just heard. Then it lingers in your head for a long, long time."  - W. Kim Heron​, Detroit Metro Times, WDET



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