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"David is the best. He taught my daughter guitar and songwriting via Zoom during the pandemic, then in person. Last year she made her stage debut at The Ark. Highly recommend!"
- Heidi A.

Reach out to me to schedule a free 10-minute call to talk about your goals and interests.

Each year, I take on a limited number of beginning guitar students for weekly or biweekly in-person lessons. Students have ranged in age from 8 to 70+.


You could be picking up the guitar or writing songs for the first time, or just be ready to move beyond those first months (or years!) of being stuck on the basics. Either way, there's no better time than now to make music a bigger part of your life.

All lessons are designed and paced according to each student’s age, skill level, and time commitment.

Here are some of the skills and knowledge I frequently teach beginners:

• The care and feeding of your instrument
• Chords (Open and Barre)
• Chord Progressions
• Strumming Patterns
• Playing up, down, and across your fretboard
• Hybrid picking technique
• The proper uses of the capo
• Key selection (to suit your vocal range)
• Quick tips for learning songs
• Learn songs you want to play
• How to develop your own style and interpretive flair
• Becoming a confident vocalist
• Performance-proofing your songs for the stage
• Most genres: rock, folk, Americana, blues, pop, alternative


$35 for one 30-minute lesson

$55 for one 45-minute lesson

$70 for one 60-minute lesson

$200 for a 4-lesson package of 45-minute lessons (paid in advance)

Schedule your first 30-minute lesson at 50% OFF the regular rate. 

Schedule your first 50-minute lesson at 50% OFF the regular rate.

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