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David Rossiter

"I have been writing songs for several years now, yet I got some new and unique insights from David. He doesn't feed you cliches, he gives you new perspectives on melody, rhythm, and lyrics. I will help me to make further progress in my songwriting journey."
- Robert B.

Following the sudden death of a close friend, David Rossiter picked up the guitar after a twenty-five year hiatus. Now, after more than two decades of intensive songwriting, recording, and performing, David is sharing everything he's learned about crafting indelible songs that move audiences and musicians alike. 

Drawing on his experience as founder and leader of the eclectic Americana band, Hoodang, as well as ongoing work as a sought after songwriting* and guitar teacher, David brings a dynamic perspective and passion to each lesson.

Two years in development, David's songwriting curriculum is designed to accelerate your process of becoming a powerful and productive songwriter by teaching what matters most while helping you avoid the pitfalls that line the path to success. 

*David is a multi-year member of the teaching staff at the Above The Bridge Songwriting Workshop working with over 60 students of all levels and interests.

Some Songs by David Rossiter

00:00 / 03:52
You Oughta KnowHoodang
00:00 / 02:47
Walking On AirHoodang
00:00 / 03:52
Falling AwayHoodang
00:00 / 04:52

The latest release from David Rossiter and Hoodang


"I went to this songwriting event that David Rossiter had last Saturday and it was awesome! I got a lot out of it and have been reflecting on the stages of the Hero’s Journey ever since, and how some stages have applied to my own songwriting and/or life. I can’t wait to reflect on it more intently, next time I write a song! I highly recommend this if you see that he offers this opportunity again. Well worth it!"


Shannon L.

I have been a bit creatively stalled, sitting and listening to David is helping me break out of my creative funk. Thanks!

Chris C. 

"This course has taken some of the obscured-mysticism that I thought was behind song writing and made it clear to me. I feel like I have a path now, with songwriting."

Jeremiah L.

If you know how to play but want to learn some good song writing skills, then this course if for you.

William S.

(Udemy course student)

"I Iike the straightforward idea of creativity as non-goal-oriented decision-making and noodling around with vague ideas. The tone of the teacher is down-to-earth and direct.


Brent S.

"I appreciate Rossiter's positive attitude and encouragement from the very start. I was surprised that after a short pep talk, he has the student begin writing verses almost immediately. I realize that there are loads more lessons to come but it's gratifying to be able to start creating at such an early stage of this course."

Carol S.

(Udemy course student)

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