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The Songs In You

Songwriting School
"I have been writing songs for several years now, yet I got some new and unique insights from David. He doesn't feed you cliches, he gives you new perspectives on melody, rhythm, and lyrics. I'm very happy I got this course - it will help me to make further progress in my songwriting journey."

Robert B. (Udemy student)

Many songwriters struggle to get their first or next song off the ground. Many more find it difficult to finish the song they're working on and present it to the world. Work with a guide who will help you find the inspiration, motivation, and songwriting know-how you need to make your own music.

Years of experience distilled down and organized to accelerate your songwriting career. The goal? Helping you craft and deliver songs that turn heads and make hearts go boom. Each Songs In You workshop comes packed with the inside knowledge, techniques, skills, and hands-on exercises every songwriter needs to succeed.

There are thousands of guitar classes and lessons out there. Why one more? This brief course unlocks the power of guitar technique as a songwriting tool. Many songs start off as sounds coming off the fretboard. Learn how to cultivate guitar knowledge and techniques to fuel your songwriting Muse. 


The Songs In You

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Being a songwriter isn’t just about understanding some of the tips and techniques of songwriting -- I’m going to teach you those, of course, but at the bottom of everything is the desire driving you to move forward to actually do it -- to start a song, complete that song, and present it to the world.

Let's talk for a moment about your why. Why have you wanted to be a songwriter? What is it in you that drives this desire to communicate to the world through song?


The answer is different for each of us, but some of the more commonly shared motivations are...

  • I have something to say, to express.

  • I love music and want to go beyond just covering other people's songs.

  • I have a gift I want to share.

  • I seek the recognition and respect accorded artists in my community.

  • I just plain have to communicate through music. It's a matter of survival.


One of the main things, separating working artists from the rest of society is the doing -- that almost compulsive drive to create.  Ever wonder why so many artists are a bit obsessive. It's necessary to do the work. Whatever your why is, you’ve come to the right place for learning how and then working towards turning that desire into a reality.

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