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David Rossiter

"David is the best. He taught my daughter guitar and songwriting via Zoom during the pandemic, then in person. Last year she made her stage debut at The Ark. Highly recommend!"
- Heidi A.

David started playing guitar at age twelve. In high school his band won the State Battle of the Bands in Michigan. Drawing on his twenty years as founder and leader of the eclectic Americana band, Hoodang, David brings a dynamic perspective and passion to each student and lesson.

David's unique approach to teaching beginning guitar is built on a system designed to move students as quickly as possible from where they currently are to where they want to be in the shortest possible timeframe. All lessons are tailored to each student's interests, current level of knowledge and skill, desires and dreams, and your level of commitment (how many hours can you dedicate to productive practice). His approach gives you a safe, low-pressure environment to learn what you want at your pace.

Some Songs by David Rossiter

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You Oughta KnowHoodang
00:00 / 02:47
Walking On AirHoodang
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Pharma KarmaHoodang
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The latest release from David Rossiter and Hoodang


I started lessons with David in December 2020, working with an old guitar and Zoom. David’s patience and flair for keeping the lessons interesting really helped overcome the challenges of learning remotely. As an older learner, I appreciate him sending videos of the lesson’s key points and fingering charts for the chords to help while I practice. I highly recommend David to anyone interested in learning to play the guitar."

Joe A.

"David has been teaching my daughter Ava since spring and I am amazed at her progress. She started as a complete beginner and has learned several songs; she loves her lessons and thoroughly enjoys working with David. She told me he tailors the instruction to her and his easy-going manner has alleviated her performance anxiety. He even helped her pick out a guitar which she saved up to buy. Highly recommend!!!" 

Heidi A.

"I've been meaning to “up” my guitar playing skills for a while. I'm retired with extra time on my hands and own a nice guitar, but needed a teacher to make it happen. David has been the answer to my needs. Weekly lessons, with follow-up videos to enhance at-home practice, have done the trick. David quickly figured out my deficits and got a plan established and implemented to address my needs and goals. David’s approach includes clear instructional communication, excellent visual examples, and efforts made to break things down which, when all said and done, contribute to a good learning arrangement. "

John C.

"Very helpful step-by-step entry into something very difficult to master on your own. Through his instruction, I've gone from total beginner to writing and performing my own songs, something I never thought I'd be able to do. Great teacher."


Ava H.

"I started lessons with David as an older beginner (mid-50s) in the summer of 2021. I appreciate his teaching style: structuring lessons with a curriculum in mind that incorporates technique, music theory, song structure, performance strategies, and the simple joy of playing. He's always willing to customize lessons around my musical interests. The short video summaries and other materials he provides after each lesson are very helpful and eliminate the anxiety around having to commit everything to memory during the lesson."

Tom S.

“My name is Ari (9) and I have been studying guitar with David for more than a year. I always look forward to my lessons with him. He chooses music for us to play that I really like and teaches me new kinds of music that I've never heard before. He makes me a better guitar player and I really like it when we jam out together. For all those reasons, he is a great teacher.” .


Ari P.

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